Sweden: Is it a Monarchy Or Parliamentary

The country of Sweden has a parliamentary government. The Executive power is led by the Prime Minister. While the Legislative power is vested in both government and parliament. On the other hand, the Judiciary is independent. Sweden is also had a Monarchial Government. The Constitution of Sweden consists of 4 Fundamental laws. these are the Instrument of Government, The Act of Succession, The Freedom of the Press Act, and The Fundamental Law of Expression. The Swedish Law consist of 3 parts in it's judiciary system. these are The Courts which consist of 3 components namely The Hogstadomstolen(Highest Court), The Hovratter(Royal Court) and Tingsratter(Things Assembly Court). the second is The Administrative Courts that also has 3 components namely Regeringstratten(Government/Regent Court), the Kammaratter(Chamber court), and Forvaltningsratt(administration court). and Lastly, The Ombudsman that consist of 2 sectors namely, The Justitieombudsmannen(parliamentary) and The Justitiekanslern(chancellor of justice).
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